Welcome to Codey, the European Code Collaboration Platform

Our goal is to create a secure, fast and reliable code collaboration platform made and hosted in Europe, with 100% free software.

Managed dedicated Forgejo instance

We take care of the day-2 operations of your instance.

Hosted in Europe

Know where your data lives.

Additional Features

Renovate, Forgejo Actions Runners, ...

100% Free Software

The license of Forgejo is MIT.

No compromise code hosting

Host your code with Git. Learn more.

Fully integrated CI/CD

Compatible with GitHub Actions. Learn more.

Package Hosting

Host your container images, NPM packages and much more... Learn more.

Project Management

Managed your projects with tasks and Kanban boards. You can even track your time spending. Learn more.

Upcoming: Forge Federation

Once there: Collaborate over many forges. Learn more.

100% Free Software

Forgejo is using the MIT License and lives under the umbrella of the non-profit Codeberg e.V.



Codey is a managed Forgejo instance, provided by VSHN, a Swiss company based in Zurich.

Forgejo is a self-hosted lightweight software forge. Easy to install and low maintenance, it just does the job. 

Brought to you by an inclusive community under the umbrella of Codeberg e.V., a democratic non-profit organization, Forgejo can be trusted to be exclusively Free Software. It focuses on security, scaling, federation and privacy. Learn more about how it compares with other forges.

We believe in free software and simplicity, that's why we've chosen Forgejo. See also Comparison with other Forges.

It is initiated by VSHN AG. More information soon to be launched in 2024, stay tuned.

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